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Thanksgiving 2014 Celebration - USA

Thanksgiving day is observed and celebrated on the 4th thursday of November every year. For the year 2014, Thanksgiving Day is on 27th November. There are many ways in which this celebration is done. Mostly, people and families gather around a family lunch and dinner feasts. Football and other sports tournaments are organized for this occasion. This celebration is synonymous to good fortune and happiness which it brings along. Thanksgiving Day is both a cultural and religious event which is observed by the majority of the Americans, for this reason it is an official holiday for US state employees. The churches run special mass and prayers for this occasion.

Thansgiving DAY history

Although it has its origin far before 1621, the most popular Thanksgiving Celebration is the one organized by the Pilgrims. In many other parts of the world, similar feasts are organized to celebrate for the harvest season. In the USA, the native americans did same to gather together around a Thansgiving Feast with tribal dances, games play and traditional foods.

Thanksgiving in 2014

The modern Thanksgiving is celebrated differently than the original one done by our ancestors. Today it is still a family and friend reunion around a good roasted Turkey feast but the spirit for the celebration is no longer the same. It is no longer primarily celebrated for the good harvest. It is now much of a commercial event as it is paired with Black Friday Deals where many retailers would offer big big discounts on a wide range of products. Most of the Black Friday 2014 shopping will kick start on the evening of the Thanksgiving 2014.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Deals 2014


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