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Black Friday 2014 - Shopping Event in the USA

Black Friday Deals 2014

Black friday is a shopping event, very popular in the USA and now also observed around the world. It occurs the last friday of November of every year. Very much connected with Thanksgiving Day celebration, black friday deals 2014 will start on Thanskgiving day evening. It is by large a marketing and sales event where retailers will be able to offer their best deals for the year.

Black Friday 2014 briefing

Although very popular event for the American, black friday shopping deal rush has been a very controversial subject. Many people get involved in fights and heated arguments over limited quantity of some heavily discounted products in store. In one particular news footage we even saw a pregnant woman who was push down on the floor by the mob. Women in such delicate situation, children and people with vulnerabilities are advised to avoid the black friday opening sales rush as it is too risky for them. The shopping craze is such that people wait outside stores for hours just to benefit from their opening sales discounts.

Last years's blackfriday deals

It has been reported that companies like Adobe had a record sales turnover during the cyber monday 2013. And many other retailers reported good turnover during this event. Best Buy had some cool offers on its pc and laptop range of products and it is expected that black friday 2014 is going to be much better than that of the previous years.

Black Friday online

However, good black friday deals 2014 will be available online stores which give people the chance to benefits from cool offers for this occasion. In fact, there are special offers which are available online only and during cyber monday 2014 sales, the discounts are available exclusively online. Amazon is one of the shopping giant which sells its product online only. Other retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, target, Sears, Macy's all have very user friendly online stores. For black friday 2013, amazon had launched pre-black Friday deals since the beginning of November and the price cuts were simply amazing.

Pre-Black Friday Deals for 2014

Watch out for pre-black friday specials from Amazon.com, It usually has great discounts and clearance sales as from the beginning of November 2014.

The blackfriday opening hours for all major retailers will also be displayed in this section.